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Sep 4, 2020 | 3 minutes read
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Hi Everyone,

I am Salar Rahmanian, a software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a software engineer I am very passionate about learning and networking with like minded techies. As such I am a very proactive meetup organizer in the Bay Area.

I have created this community to give everyone in tech in the bay area a community to keep in touch with each other via discord and slack, learn from each other by means of arranging talks, meetups and book clubs and help each other succeed.

This is your community and we can make it a great if all contribute to it. I need your help with a few things:

  • Please join our slack and/or discord communities and take part in regular conversation. Be it sharing a joke, argueing over vim being better than emacs (it is!) or just how your day is going. Even ask a technical question :-)
  • Tell your network about this community and have them join. Its good to keep in touch with colleagues and friends on something separate than the work slack :-)
  • Attend our meetups and events and consider helping as a speaker
  • Provide feedback to make everything better

If you look at our home page you will see details of the meetup groups I help organize and run. Get in touch with me if you would like to do a talk at any of my meetups.

If you have never done a talk before, don’t be shy, you are amongst friends who will help you get good at it. Our events are not like a formal conference, it is very informal and there to facilitate knowledge share.

In particular I am very interested in getting more diversity into my events both as speakers and attendees. So if you are from an underrepresented group in tech, I am happy to provide mentorship and help with preparing you for your talk, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if its something that I can’t help with I am sure I can find the help needed to turn your idea into a great talk.

If you are a meetup organizer and would like to be part of our community and be listed on our site and have your own channel on our discord/slack please get in touch with me. As long as we share the same principals, goals and values for what we want for this community which I would like to discuss with you and agree on then it would be wonderful to have you part of this community and we can all help each other.

One point to make clear is why I am putting a lot of my time in building this community and running meetups. I enjoy it! I learn and get to meet like minded people. The best part of it for me though is helping each other.

I wanted to point this out so that it is noticed that I am volunteering my time to do this and I am not some big corporation.

If you have any feedback or you simply want to talk to me get in touch via Discord/Slack. Or you can create an issue with your feedback here.

If you spot an error on our website or you simply want to help us improve it, Pull Requests are most welcome