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Welcome to SFBayAreaTechies.com! We are an online community for anyone working in Technology and living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

We arrange and get together for tech talks, get together to form study groups or simply network online with like minded people.

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Welcome to our community. We all chat at work using slack now wouldn’t it be nice to chat with other people working in Tech who are based the San Francisco Bay area also on slack or discord?

Join in on the conversation and tell everyone you know about our slack and discord communities and lets have some fun.

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Sep 4, 2020

Welcome to SFBayAreaTechies.com

Hi Everyone, I am Salar Rahmanian, a software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a software engineer I am very passionate about learning and networking with like minded techies. As such I am a very proactive meetup organizer in the Bay Area. I have created this community to give everyone in tech in the bay area a community to keep in touch with each other via discord and slack, learn from each other by means of arranging talks, meetups and book clubs and help each other succeed. Read more



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